Air pollution in the Chilean capital has reached to critical levels and even as early as 1990, Santiago was as much a byword for choking smog as Beijing is today. Tom Azzopardi reports.

Moves to curb dangerous levels of pollution from vehicle emissions will boost demand for new cars in Chile, just as the country’s auto market is emerging from a slump, officials predict.

The ongoing issue of poor air quality in the capital, Santiago, has prompted lawmakers to take dramatic action to limit the use of older cars on the city’s streets as part of a package of measures designed to highlight the commitment to beat the smog.

As of 2020, authorities plan to introduce a winter weekday ban on older cars. Between May and August, cars acquired before 2012 would be banned from operating in Santiago one day a week on a rolling basis (depending on the final digit of their registration). The restriction, mirroring controls on the city’s dwindling number of cars without catalytic converters, is expected to affect 58% of the city’s 1.8M vehicles. This story first appeared in WardsAuto.

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