Continental is investing heavily in electrification and autonomous technology but still sees a bright future for “boring” car tyres. Drew Winter reports.

Investing in future vehicle technologies is a tricky business but mega-supplier Continental sees rubber tyres rolling confidently into the future even as it invests billions helping automakers develop autonomous and electrified vehicles.

CEO Elmar Degenhart tells reporters here in a former tire plant turned into a technology centre that it is likely new ownership models and self-driving cars eventually will reduce the number of vehicles in major cities but he says overall miles travelled are expected to increase as the disabled and those too young or too old to drive become more mobile.

In other words, in the future there might be fewer vehicles on the road but they will log more miles and require many more replacement tyres. And long after steering wheels are optional on vehicles, rubber tyres still will be standard equipment. This article first appeared in WardsAuto.

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