Eliminating new types of annoying sounds in electric and autonomous vehicles promises to become big business for new soft trim supplier. Drew Winter reports.

A quiet cabin always has been a high priority for automakers. Mercedes, Lexus and other luxury brands have built their identities around the concept. But electrified powertrains and self-driving capabilities are adding new twists to silencing noise, vibration and harshness issues.

Electric drive motors may eliminate internal-combustion engine clatter, but they can open a Pandora’s box of annoying new noises and vibrations at different frequencies that need to be squelched.

Autonomy introduces new problems, too. Robo taxis may transport 100 passengers or more per day, creating special wear-and-tear issues for vehicle interiors. And then there will be a segment filled with luxury-brand autonomous vehicles, and owners will have very high expectations for comfort and quiet.

“It is amazing that the interior NVH performance is actually very poor on EVs even at the high end of the cost range. It’s less than a mid-segment sedan,” says Brian Pour, CEO of Auria Solutions, a new global company focused on the increasingly complex task of making quieter vehicles.

Auria is known in the auto industry as a soft trim supplier, which includes flooring, acoustics and fibre-based parts such as carpets, dash insulators, trunk trim package trays, underbody shielding, underhood thermal management insulation and wheel arch liners. This article first appeared in WardsAuto.

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