Video: Telefónica on growing its connected car business

Posted by Jan Stojaspal [1] on May 2, 2014

Peter Rampling, managing director, Telefónica Digital Germany, on the various new roles wireless operators can play in the connected car space.

In this video [2] from Telematics Munich 2013, Peter Rampling, managing director, Telefónica Digital Germany, speaks to TU’s Jan Stojaspal about the various new roles wireless operators can play in the connected car space.

According to Rampling, providing M2M connectivity through global SIMs will remain core business for wireless operators. But he sees a host of other opportunities, including billing services, retail channels for self-installed telematics hardware (Telefónica has more than a thousand retail shops in Germany alone), call centers and platforms that make it easy to integrate third-party apps across a broad range of in-vehicle infotainment systems.

Rampling finds car OEMs open to collaboration as long as they can maintain their ability to control and monetize.

“Do car manufacturers have the core competency to do billing, micropayments on a daily, hourly, by-minute basis?” he says. “No, that’s not something that they’ve got, whereas wireless operators, such as ourselves, that’s our core business. We have been doing it for years. We know how to do it, and people have the confidence in terms of our ability to execute on that.”

Jan Stojaspal is the executive editor of Telematics Update. 

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